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    Founded in 2003, Chongqing Boyu Foreign Language Translation Center is an authoritative translation company as well as a Chinese leading provider for comprehensive language solutions in the internet era. Taking “to help Chinese enterprises and public institutions rise up in the world” as our responsibility and devoted to building Chinese most professional language service platform, Boyu aspires to be the most reliable multi-language  information service company in Asia and is committed to setting up a communication bridge between China and the rest of the world.



Boyu Translation Center has gathered nearly 1000 high-quality foreign language talents with professional backgrounds, who are elites in different industries with at least 5-10 years’ translation experience, among which over 50% having high academic title such as professors, associate professors , senior translators and associate senior translators, over 70% have master’s or doctor’s degrees, over 80% having studied or worked overseas. Many of our translators are domestic first-class language experts from ministry of foreign affairs, Xinhua News Agency, China Radio International and China International Publishing Group and high-end translation talents from famous universities, research institutes and foreign companies such as Tsing-Hua University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Language Studies University, Fudan University, Nankai University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In translation of medical thesis, Boyu Translation Center is able to provide services such as high-quality translation, evaluation and revision. Boyu also has specially invite over 30 overseas doctors and professors such as Dr.Li and Dr.Liu from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Dr.Shen, Dr. Wang and Dr.Zhu from Duke University to do professional Chinese-to-English proofreading and editing! Meanwhile, Boyu also cooperates with some renowned foreign institutes such as American Medical Writers Association, to provide services on English proofing by native people, professional English revision and revision of special thesis. Beside, Boyu divides our translators into different translation fields according to their education and working background, so that we can promptly and professionally solve language problems for you in many fields and provide high-quality and rapid translation services.





Quality Control

After customers contact us, we will ask customers to inform us of the service type (which field?), the translation language, contents, amount, dates required, delivery date and special requirements, and leave their contact information such as phone number, address and enterprise name to us. We will be willing to answer your questions and will estimate the total translation costs free of charge.